So… What Is Shmelted?

In all honesty, I have no idea. It started off as me needing a new Instagram username. I’d been through quite a few (including things like: myimaginxryfriend, acidhxney, and paper.minds), but in the end, they just got boring. I like change. I like starting new things and moving on, I simply just wanted a something permanent. Something I could be known by. I was looking for UNIQUE

I saw many things that I liked – although obviously, they were already taken. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted, I just knew it had to be good. Cool. At some point along the line people started putting irrelevant ‘h’s in their names. Random, I know, but it worked. I was now strangely drawn towards Cohntrast and Clahssic, Dihstance and Fragrahnce, Bohld and Mehlted.

Now if you’re a little clever, you may start to put two and two together. Shmelted? Mehlted?

So, yeah, I liked it. I liked it because it just… fitted.was melted, confused, if you get my drift. Like my brain had turned to soup. My only problem was finding a way to incorporate ‘melted’ into something that I could call myself.

And so, Shmelted was born. My identity, an online persona, I guess? Hence why my blog is named ‘Being Shmelted‘.
What it’s like to be me. To be confused, to be a bit messed up, to be melted.

I just wanted people to know how it feels. Ciao,



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