You can’t please ’em all

I’m slightly less apprehensive in what I write than I used to be.

The thing about writing in the context of a blog is that you are not sharing your raw thoughts because in the back of your mind, you’ve got this subconscious filter, turning your words into something that you think other people will want to read. Don’t get me wrong, this filter is often a good thing (mostly because I avoid cussing anywhere online that my parents can access…), but sometimes it takes away the small unique things about you that are the most interesting. There are things I’d like to write about, but I eliminate them as possibilities immediately, knowing it is too personal, or too offensive, or too… Opinionated.

The thing is, I’m not going to put some sort of disclaimer in my site tagline.

“Being Shmelted; May contain things you don’t agree with.”

I can’t write the same things as other people just because that’s what I feel will catch people’s attention. The whole point of this is to get across my point of view. No matter who doesn’t like it, no matter if others don’t get it. The trick is to write it out as it is, then go back, fine-tune it all and delete the unsavoury bits- without completely erasing your feist. It can’t come across as dehumanized. Nobody wants to read something that looks like it was generated by a computer program, and frankly, I’ve learnt to care less about the fact that my writing will have an audience; because if I’m not prepared to write about who I am and how I feel, it’s not really my blog at all.

I guess I’ve changed in a way that I want my blog to be about the real me. Not some polished, re-sculpted version of me. You tend to see in a lot of people that they have this online persona, often more monotonous, more repetitive, yet braver. The term “keyboard warriors” comes to mind, noticeably different to their real personality- which is often quieter, and more reserved. I guess if that’s the sort of person you are, maybe sometimes this stronger online persona is what you need to be heard, how you express your emotions.

I’m not sure what point I am trying to get across here, but if you take anything from this crappy little ramble that you happened to stumble upon today, remember that;
A) You are writing for an audience, but you’re writing for yourself too. Don’t de-personalise it.
B) Include the good bits, short-cuts lead to a confused or bored audience. And
C) It’s okay if not everybody likes it. You can’t please them all. There are people just like you out there somewhere, and they will appreciate what you write very much.

Don’t take drugs from strangers this Halloween,



One thought on “You can’t please ’em all

  1. You are right, keep writing for yourself too! I also think that when you get writing about something personal, people can relate, maybe find answers to their own issues… It can create a dialogue you would have expected 😊


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