Snip Snip, Hello 2016

I’m not making “New Year’s Resolutions”. Apparently, only 8% of people who make resolutions actually achieve them. And that’s not encouraging at all. I’ve always thought that there’s never only one “right” time to change, it’s just an excuse people use to laze around for the majority of a year.
I’ll try in school next year.” No. No that’s not how it works. Every single day is an opportunity to improve yourself, so don’t use the whole I’m-waiting-for-January-1st excuse. Your life doesn’t reset every year. You can’t just be the biggest idiot ever in December because you’re starting afresh in January. Deciding you’re joining the gym in January isn’t an excuse to do nothing for the last few months of the year.

Resolutions at new year are conjured up by looking back on how your life has been and making a noticeable effort to change anything you see that you don’t like. It’s choosing to stop, and reflect on the past. It just tends to happen upon New Year’s Eve because that is a moment to review a significant period of your life.

So why do only 8% of people successfully stick to their resolutions??
A year is a LONG TIME!! A year. That’s 365/366 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes. 525600 minutes of being the best possible person you can be… That isn’t easy. And then you have to carry on. It isn’t a walk in the park. It’s just unreasonable to commit to 525600 minutes of being something that you were the complete opposite of. Keep it small, keep it achievable, and set yourself resolutions daily rather than every so often when the digit of year increases. Then it’s not as much of a disappointment when you get to May and realise you haven’t even considered the gym for about 7 weeks.

Anyway, a few of my friends did make resolutions, and here is one of my favourite lists.

(I even shared it. And I hardly ever share things)

And this year I saw a reoccuring theme, which is that of #1 on this list.
This is a massive thing, but I can really see myself taking action on it this year. It’s like a big acquaintance-detox.

I find myself constantly surrounded by people who make me feel worse about myself and are not really friends at all. I chose these people, and sometimes I wonder why. I’ve always tried to see the best in people and give them second chances, but there is a whole world of difference between making one mistake, and being a down-right nasty person. I’m not saying I am perfect- I’ve hurt, lied to and cheated some closest friends – but I will do everything I can to prevent myself from doing that again.

aThere will always be people that make you feel like less of a person than you are, whether they are aware of this or not. There will always be the ones who point out the worst in you. These people are not your friends, these people are toxic, they do NOT belong in your life. And this year, it is time to be brave and cut off loose ends. Cut these people out of your life because that is what you deserve.  You are allowed to put yourself first, because that is what is necessary.

We are all human beings. Make this year count.



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