Dreaming about failure?

I was called up to enter the examination- and the first thing they asked me was to show them one of my ‘photos’ before I entered. Then one of the invigilators took the camera I had borrowed and threw it across the room. I ran off to get it and was so relieved to see it had only got a little beaten, even though the friend I had borrowed it from couldn’t care less. I knew I had a math exam after my Art but I didn’t care. I ran out to find my mum and brother waiting in the car park, my mum commenting on how quick I had been. She suggested walking around the building, so as we passed the main door I told her to run, after seeing a teacher beckoning to us.

This was a dream I had just last night. Seems like nothing major (I walked out of my mock GCSE exams without taking them) but while still half asleep, I remember feeling so nervous and wrecked- I was so upset because I genuinely felt as though I had failed in something really important to my education.

I would say I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Especially in primary school, I’d be that student that did well in all their tests without revising or trying too hard. The problem is, with school now, you have SO MUCH pressure on you to get everything right- ready for the rest of your life- and I’m just not prepared for that!

According to a Dream Dictionary online, dreaming of failure in school represents anxiety about overlooking something. Dreaming of failure in general shows ‘fear and worry of being unable to meet the standards of society of that you have made for yourself based on the pressures of society to excel’.

Looking into more detail, apparently dreams about exams can mean you are procrastinating about something, afraid to advance, scared of being left behind, feeling stupid or unprepared or a lack of motivation, unable to cope under pressure, setting goals too high, ready for completion/the next stage in your life, anxiety, ready to take on new challenges.

But what doesn’t fit into any of this is the fact that I walked out of an exam. I already am sure of the fact that I felt utterly horrified about not taking the exams, probably suggesting a fear of failure or ruining my chances, but why did I leave? Why was the invigilator so horrible to me?? To a certain extent I remember the dream before that, but there was nothing significant to show why I would be disliked by this guy (maybe the camera offended him. … .). The one thing I loved about this dream is the fact I just turned around like ‘nope’ and left.. I know for a fact the old me wouldn’t be like that, but I went on an impulse and that’s just great, I mean, who really needs mock exams? You shouldn’t have to need exams at all.

‘All you need is love’ and all that jazz.
Sweet dreams,



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