101 things I did whilst I was 14

I turned 15 at 11:35pm on October 14th 2015.
These are the things I don’t think I’ll forget.

  1. Smiled. Like, proper smiles, really smiled.
  2. Laughed, laughed until I can’t breathe properly and it’s hard to speak. Laughed as you should.
  3. Made new friends.
  4. Saw old friends.
  5. Questioned God
  6. Spent half my year in hospital.
  7. Battled(and beat!) anorexia nervosa.
  8. Created a blog.
  9. Wrote to the Prime Minister (still no reply).
  10. Purchased my first camera.
  11. Dated one of my best friends.
  12. Danced like there was nothing else in the world.
  13. Developed my thoroughly RAD taste in music.
  14. Learnt to STOP and just breathe.
  15. Hosted a party.
  16. Pierced my own ears.
  17. Achieved perfect teeth.
  18. Spoke to strangers.
  19. Cut my own hair.
  20. Worried.
  21. Cried.
  22. Questioned life.
  23. Questioned existence.
  24. Questioned everything.
  25. Hidden feelings.
  26. Forgotten homework.
  27. Applied approximately 300 sets of winged eyeliner.
  28. Shared some good kisses.
  29. Written poetry.
  30. Star gazed.
  31. Sat through thunder and lightening.
  32. Sang sad songs.
  33. ART.
  34. Filled 3 journals, cover to cover.
  35. Acquired 5 cacti.
  36. Been on many Costa trips.
  37. Eaten quinoa.
  38. Drank a fair amount of green tea.
  39. Taken photos of myself that I like.
  40. Composed a scrapbook.
  41. Missed many science lessons.
  42. Decorated my own room.
  43. Ballet.
  44. Got my first pair of pointe shoes.
  45. Sent & recieved letters.
  46. Became assertive.
  47. Procrastinated.
  48. Overused the word “aesthetic”.
  49. Told myself I will be okay.
  50. Seen friends cry.
  51. Dreamt & dreamed of slightly weird things.
  52. Went on picnics.
  53. Took walks alone for headspace.
  54. Kept secrets.
  55. Made promises.
  56. Told lies.
  57. Lit countless tealights.
  58. Taken risks.
  59. Ran like the world could never stop me.
  60. Typed millions and billions of words.
  61. Sent risky texts.
  62. Heard screams of the people I love.
  63. Cried my makeup off.
  64. Cussed.
  65. Cut up old clothes.
  66. Had my blood taken enough times to be able to do it myself.
  67. Made dens.
  68. Felt my heart thumping in my chest from fear.
  69. Baked much things.
  70. Felt free.
  71. Learnt how to knit.
  72. Broken glass.
  73. Spilled glitter.
  74. Sat exams.
  75. Be treated like nothing.
  76. Endure therapy.
  77. Drew on my hands.
  78. Spoke to myself.
  79. Read.
  80. Burst balloons.
  81. Went to a musical.
  82. Slept.
  83. Wrote on walls.
  84. Took emotional showers.
  85. Lost track of time late at night.
  86. Envied the life of cats.
  87. Wore temporary tattoos.
  88. Visit hideouts.
  89. Walked home in the dark.
  90. Climbed trees.
  91. Fed ducks.
  92. Sleepovers.
  93. Donated clothes to charity.
  94. Been spontaneous.
  95. Went to London with some of my closest friends.
  96. Had jamming sessions on the Becton school piano.
  97. Traveled through long car journeys.
  98. Paid for photo booths.
  99. Be sad, yet rad;
  100. Classy, if sassy;
  101. And stressed, depressed but of course – Well dressed.

Lots of love,



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