Sometimes, one person can get a bit boring.

I wish I could just sit down and write something straight away. Honestly, all I can really blog about are my opinions on things- on society and events that have happened in the world. My life just isn’t interesting enough to write about. Don’t get me wrong, I wish it was- but it’s not

Sure, maybe I found it interesting when I met up with two of my favourite people today for coffee. Maybe I find it interesting that I’m buying a new sketchbook tomorrow, maybe I’m even excited to go to The Range… But I can’t write an essay on traipsing around a department store. I mean, of course, I could, but I wouldn’t really be drawing crowds of people. Possibly a desperate customer services manager, seeking ‘feedback’ for their shop.

No, I’ve always wanted to share something more than just… me. Sure, this is my website, my blog, my words- but I want to use them to write about amazing things, about life, about wonder and people and the world. I am SO eager to travel, make new experiences and meet new friends. Then, even though it may feel like I’m writing about myself and my life, really I’m just trying to explain the world in a intricate combination of 26 letters, 9 numbers and a few full stops here and there. Then there’s pictures, of course. Colour and light and videos with sound. It’ll never be as good as actually being there- but it’s close enough.

I can’t really find a way of closing this off, without repeating myself from other posts, therefore I am leaving the ends untied. You get to decide what you want to do now. Will you learn something from this? Change something? Keep it in the back of your mind?

It’s up to you.



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