Long Time No See


It’s been an awfully long time since I last updated my blog. I’m talking months. Obviously, I didn’t intend on leaving it this long, but sometimes life just catches hold of you and consequently you get swept up in the moment, caught up in current events.

As I write this it is officially the second day of my last academic year in secondary school, after having an incredible 6 weeks of resting, travelling, and going on holiday. Within 6 weeks I went to some not-so-exciting places, usually in the middle of nowhere, where I took part in 2 festivals, both set up by New Wine. I got to spend time with old friends from across the UK, ones that I only have the chance of seeing one week per year. However, I also made new friends, bonds that will last for years, and inside jokes that will last a lifetime. I learnt some inspiring new things and grew as a person, and I could not have asked for better people to spend it with.

Whilst back home, I met with some of my best friends in Sheffield, and also managed to organise an awesome double date with Kurt and another two of our best friends. I was lucky enough to become the owner of a beautiful Syrian hamster named Ned, in addition to getting to see a hard-hitting production of 1984 in London.

And so, here we are. I almost managed to forget about school over that month and a half of living. Now I’m back, the most important year of my school career so far, packed full of pressure and revision and exams. I’ve entered this year with a positive outlook, after choosing to only study 5 subjects, I’m feeling confident that I can make it through the year and come out the other side with the grades I want. It’s taken a long time to get into this mind set, I’m not even totally there yet; however, I’m on the way.

Due to taking 2 less subjects than the rest of my year, I’ve decided to focus my free time into updating my blog, and maybe even a cheeky bit of revision. I’ve never properly revised before, and I know how difficult I would find it if I tried working at home, so this is vaguely new. I know the techniques, I know what I have to improve on, I just haven’t bothered to try. I’ve been too busy focusing on keeping my head on straight that there was no space for school work. Things are getting better, things are levelling out, and I feel like I’m just on time to get the results I want to carry on my future. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I might just be the smallest, tiniest, microscopically bit… excited.

Keep on carrying on.



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