My Religion Isn’t None of Your Business

It’s a funny topic, religion, isn’t it? It’s not really something I talk about, to be honest. I’ve been going to church since I was born, I was christened when I was only 4 months old. Growing up in a christian family probably isn’t that different at all from growing up in an atheist family; you still have to help out with the washing up, and your parents still get angry at you when you do something wrong. You definitely still argue with your siblings (That is inevitable, you can’t avoid sibling rivalry).

Sometimes, I think people expect that Christians have a perfect, golden framed life. In fact, some stereotypes portray Christians as stuck up and snobbish, although the thing is – I’ve never met one like it. My church family are some of the loveliest, most supportive and accepting people I have ever met. There really isn’t a certain way that you should assume that churches are; of course there’s the traditional wooden pews and organs, but even C of E gets updated every now and then. I feel comfortable within my church. You don’t have to go in your best ironed dress, or sit in deathly silence afraid to clear your throat. You could turn up in your pyjamas and still be welcome.

Through church, Christian events and festivals I have met some of my best friends. We don’t meet up every week and make sacrifices or hardcore pray, we’re normal people, I promise. And the whole point of this post was to reinforce that idea. Just as you may religiously go and see a football team every week, or talk about a common interest with friends, or meet someone new from joining a new class or group, we go to church, we sometimes discuss our faith, we meet new christians.

Being a Christian should and shouldn’t be a label. No two of us are the same, although we all try to live and follow the same path that is shown to us. Not all of us are against homosexuality, I for one am not. Not all of us will condemn you to hell for aborting a child, not all of us will shun you for your sins- and that’s because we would be hypocrites if we did!! I choose to be a Christian not because I am perfect enough for it, but because I am not perfect, and because I want to learn to be better. I want to feel more comfortable about my religion and I want people to feel more open asking me about it.

Not ashamed.



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