I like boys.

*Right, this is a sensitive subject. So if you’re touchy about sexuality then calmly navigate away from this page- but do read some others of my posts first…*

So, most of my life, I have seen the battle that LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people have gone through to change societies perception and view on a non-heterosexual lifestyle. My first memory of hearing about being lesbian or gay was Katy Perry’s song ‘I kissed a girl’. The song really confused me; I was certain that it was sung by a girl, so I couldn’t understand why she was saying she kissed somebody else who was also a girl- I didn’t even know it was possible to have that kind of contact with somebody of the same gender…
I completely agree that the way I thought about that is appauling, although I was only 7, therefore I hope that’s a reasonable explanation. I think it just goes to show how much of a taboo homosexual/bisexual/pansexual relationships used to be.

I’m extremely, extremely happy that same-sex marriages are no longer illegal in America. It’s such a massive breakthrough in the world’s fight for equality. But there’s still a problem. It’s like in everyday life, you are expected to be “straight”. Although more often than not people are, it still frustrates me that if a being likes anyone other than the opposite sex, they feel the need to “come out”.
As if it’s some deadly secret, as if it’s a confession.
Like, I never came out to let everyone know that I was attracted to guys. I’m still young as well; I believe that it takes you longer than just a few days to get to the depths of your sexuality.
One of the main issues causing LGBT people to feel the need to “come out” to their friends and family is this lack of acceptance within parents/groups of friends/schoolmates. Some can be very conservative and traditional, unable to agree with change in culture/society/even their own children. Obviously, there are reasons for this. They may just be accustomed to a certain thing, and change can be difficult. Especially religion can present an unwelcoming attitude towards LGBT crowds. Although, I would like to make it heard that NOT ALL religious folk are disapproving of LGBT. I for one am a christian, and completely support equality for all sexualities. I get the impression that sometimes people make it seem as if there is only one specific “right” opinion on LGBT. But the truth is, we all need to learn to be accepting. Some don’t agree with relationships concerning something other than a male and female- and that’s OKAY! It’s okay if you support it. It’s okay if you really don’t have an opinion! What’s not okay is when people are made to feel less worth as a human because of how they are treated. It’s not okay to label LGBT people with horrible names because of who they may love. It’s also not okay to call somebody a homophobic dickhead just because they are not fully in support of LGBT relationships.

All opinions should be respected- but there is a difference between having an opinion and being a complete jerk.

At the moment, there’s still a kind of tension around this subject. I’ll always be hoping for a day when that is eliminated. When we are all equal, regardless of sexuality, race, gender, age, ability.
“What ever happened to humanity?” (Thanks, Red Hot Chili Peppers.)



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