Detoxify Yourself

168 hours with no social media… Could you do it?

When I say ‘No Social Media’, I mean no Facebook. No twitter. And no, you cannot post a quick picture on Instagram. Not even one. P.S Even watching a 5 second story on Snapchat still counts.

I’m planning on doing this between midnight tonight(14/06/2015), and midnight next Sunday. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’ll give you a few reasons why it is a good idea…

1. First of all, do you really want your life plagued by weird videos (ahem, salad fingers) and chain mail? To be honest, lots of the things going around Facebook, trending on twitter, plastered on your newsfeed, tend to get a bit boring after a bit. Well, either that or it causes LOTS of conflict.

… IT’S BLACK AND BLUE OKAY??????!!!!!!!!!!1!111111!1!11

2. Sure, it gets you talking to thousands of people all over the world, but it takes away from your REAL social life too. Sometimes I wish we were back in the 60s. Kids would be out doing things, riding bikes, seeing their friends most nights. Whenever I go over to friend’s houses, the first question is almost always asking to have their wifi password. Go walk somewhere! Find some place you never knew existed. Maybe then you’ll actually have something interesting to post on Instagram instead of selfies and text posts.

3. Although the internet is a pretty handy place, it can also be quite unhelpful. There are lots of things on the internet that nobody should ever have to view/read/hear. Sites promoting very bad things. I blame most of the harm that I’ve done to myself in the past on inspiration from some very twisted social media accounts. They can be really powerful and deceitful, so getting away from that is always the best option.

4. You might sleep a bit better… Now don’t lie, we’ve all stayed up late because we’re online til the early hours of the morning. Just remember the feeling of dragging yourself out of bed every day for school the next time you’re scrolling aimlessly through Tumblr at quarter to midnight.

5. It might help you to appreciate the simple things. Books. Writing. Gardens.
Spend less time huddled up on a laptop in the corner of your bed and more time huddled up with a book in the sun. Dose up on your vitamin D.

So as you might have worked out, I won’t be posting for the next week, I better come back to lots of notifications… It’s not too late to join me.


[featured image is of a sassy friend of mine. Follow her instagram @hk.loser]


One thought on “Detoxify Yourself

  1. I just have to say, I have thought facebook was evil from day one, but then… I come from the days of MySpace *laughs* Oh and when I was a teenager… I didn’t have video games and such to be glued to! I lived outdoors. Nowadays, well sure I am mostly glued to my computer, but it isn’t to social media! As a writer, well, you gotta be butt in chair, writing. That said, I love to research! I research everything, as I have this insane need to know, you guessed it, EVERYTHING!
    But I also spend a lot of time reading, writing in a notebook (with my old fashioned fountain pen no less!), knitting, and hopefully soon starting my own variation of Project Life! Once you start going without that twenty four seven link to social media… it is easier to make it a less powerful point in our life!
    I have so say, I found it very interesting your theory on having something more interesting than selfies! True thought! I may have to explore this idea myself! Thanks for some great thoughts!


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