This Will Make You Go Out And Buy Stamps (well, maybe).

×Why do we not write letters any more????

The obvious answers could be; 1 – Facebook is free and instant… 2 – I have no idea what a stamp is(if anybody actually says that to me I will lose all hope in this generation)… and 3 – I can’t send an ugly selfie to somebody in the mail that will destroy itself after 4 seconds(which is pretty handy)…

I mean, I can understand why postcards are almost extinct. Who would send a personal message to somebody on a piece of paper that strangers could read?? If I was a postman (post-lady doesn’t sound right) I’d be so nosey about other people’s lives, I’d know all about Jim and Linda’s holiday in Peru, and Auntie Mavis getting her eyebrows done. Wouldn’t you just be so tempted to change them?!

“Dear Julian, on Saturday 25th August I will be marrying my new fiance, Dave” UR GRANDAD M8 (he‘s MAGICAL)”

This is why postcards are bound to be boring. Nobody gets a postcard and goes “OH MY GOD MY EX JUST SENT ME A POSTCARD CONFESSING THEIR LOVE FOR ME AND CLAIMING THEY HAVE MY CHILD.” Hogwarts don’t send postcards out to their new first-years. When Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up parliament, it wasn’t a postcard that gave it all away. Imagine what the picture would’ve been on the front.

But onto letters.

Every so often I receive mail. It tends to peak during my birthday month, but other than that, there’s a few bank statements, and then there’s a few real letters. The internet is really efficient. Texting is just as much. But there’s nothing like receiving a proper, handwritten letter. The fact that somebody has taken the time to write me a long message, use stamps, use envelopes, walk to the post box, is really, really… nice. ‘Nice’ is a pretty crappy word to describe something, but that’s just the extent of my vocabulary at this moment in time.

Twitter’s really just not as authentic. It’s kind of sad that nobody sends many letters anymore. I hate the fact that communication has changed so much in the last hundred-or-so years. What happened to the ink quills and parchment?! Right now, you should go get a piece of paper. Find a pen(they’re usually at the back of draws or down the gaps in your sofa), and write a letter. It could be one sentence long, it could be a novel… – Although I suggest leaving that for another day. You don’t even have to post it(unless you actually want it to get somewhere). Tell somebody something you want them to remember. Something that just wouldn’t sound right in an instant message.

It would really surprise somebody, and most likely in a good way.

Have a beautiful week, *also, I know that this post hasn’t exactly followed on from itself very well, but my mind’s been all over the place;)*



3 thoughts on “This Will Make You Go Out And Buy Stamps (well, maybe).

  1. hey hii .. saw you at community pool ….. i liked this blog … i feel happy here .. you write so well and connecting .. majestic …. and yes i am actually thinking to buy one postcard now …. hahahahaha ..

    I have something for you and here it is .. …. i hope you will like it … and suggestions are needed …


  2. I send postcards all the time! In fact I HOPE that people read them! I really don’t mind at all. In fact, I think that is half the fun! When I can’t find them in stores I make them!
    I also of course write letters, long hand, on pretty paper that is special! Like, you know those kits you buy that have the matching envelops and special stickers to seal it all up! *laughs* yeah I love stationary! Have collected different types since I was in high school and got my first beautiful boxed set from my dad for Christmas!


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