Why haS MY HEAD GONE BLANK? and philosophical questions about life.

×I legit cannot think of a useful thing to write about at this moment in time- I’ve been trying to conjure up something for 3 days now. So I thought I’d be resourceful and use that as a highly interesting topic to write about. I was kind of hoping it would seem funnily ironic (because I’m writing about not knowing what to write…? Yeah? No? Ok).

I’m having pasta for the third day in a row tonight. Maybe it’s the pasta. I’ll post something again once I’ve had some other form of carbohydrate.

Anyway, I have decided to google ‘Frequently Asked Questions about life’ and I shall try my best to give logical answers… p.s. Click the question and get a much more detailed answer for ‘clever’ people. But it’s a lot more boring.

Straight in with the hard stuff. Well, I don’t know. Not knowing is the meaning of life; To give life a meaning. There is no set answer.

Self-defense wouldn’t be necessary if we didn’t have violence, I guess.

Pfffff dunno I’ve never tried it.

Nah. Sound is something that we hear personally in our ears. It would make sound vibrations, but if nobody was there to receive the waves in their eardrum, there would be no sound.
(I know, it took me a very long time to understand that too.)

It depends what you class as a river? You could stand in the same location in a river, but not in the same water. Or you could just… Not stand in a river. It’s not exactly necessary, plus it’s not really recommended. A beaver might bite your leg.

Well, there’s a lot of theories about that.

You are you. An individual. And pretty damn cool.

Spontaneously. (Read my last post.)

Enjoy the weekend, and do something spontaneous. Shmelted×
p.s. Sorry about the rambling.


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