The Bohemian life

Wed 13th May As I write this, I’m sat on a train to London feeling pretty hipster with my camera, vanilla latte and beanie. Apparently it’s fashionable to wear a wooly hat when it isn’t actually cold. I just did it to cover my hair.

When I get older, I really want to travel. Before I get married (ahem – if I do), start a proper career, make commitments. It’s like being a balloon, if you have no ties – nothing to keep you restricted to one place, then you’re free to just float around. Drift to one place then another on your own accord. This is why I’m pretty reluctant to get into a stationary job, working specific times, every day the same, routines, routines, routines. If possible, I’d love to make a living out of blogging.

Friday So anyway, being in London with four people that i am very close to was really amazing. Well, if you miss out the part where Amelia {also a talented blogger} kind of fainted on me…

Being the capital city of England, London is absolutely beautiful, the weather was as close to perfect as I’ve ever seen, and that naturally makes me feel good. Although I go most years, I’ve never experienced it in this way before. We had tour around the houses of parliament… Which gave me more political things to rant about – therefore I was extremely disappointed that I did not see David Cameron, but I will find a way. SOMEDAY.

It was that day that has really influenced and enhanced my desire to explore. Different heritages, cultures, communities etc intrigue me. You wouldn’t believe that it’s possible to live without cars, internet, bills to pay… But the fact that this way of life is possible, makes me want to seek it out. I watch movies of people running down beaches at midnight, sleeping in hammocks in the rainforest, dining in the finest café in Paris… So why can’t I do it myself? If you wanted you could just wake up one morning and decide to cut all your hair off, become Buddhist and steal a car like why don’t we all do that? We fall into a same routine day after day and nobody is brave enough to claw themselves out of it. We’re tricked into thinking it’s our ‘comfort zone’, it’s ‘under our control’… But it’s not. Do you have the guts to go out right now, get a full back tattoo then paint your room a colour that you picked with your eyes closed? Something that really frustrates me about life if that we are constantly planning ahead! We’ll achieve something amazing and then the day later you’re suddenly stressing about what’s to come. We won’t do things in fear of what may come in the future – sure, sometimes this is good when it comes to common sense, but we should be able to live freely. What is it that stops you doing something you love? Fear that you may be embarassed? Mocked? Injured? All these things may seem like the end of the world while it is happening – but it is not. Chill. Live in the moment. If you feel the desire to get an edgy hair cut, go for it! If it looks bad then don’t worry, it will grow out! Without trial and error you will never achieve anything.

What about that person you’ve been obsessing over for weeks? (Come on, there’s always somebody) Stop stalking their facebook every day and making up scenarios in your head, take a deep breath and tell them. If you get rejected – at least it stops that reoccurring question “I wonder if they like me too?”

Why are people so ashamed when they like somebody? I don’t really know why it’s always a secret! I’d want to know if somebody loved me… I wouldn’t find it funny or pathetic. To be honest, I’d be quite flattered.


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