Ranting about adults, politics& more

I know pretty much everybody is talking about this at the moment, but there seriously is a reason why. I’m not entirely knowledgeable on the elections, but I do have an opinion, and here it is…
(Yes, I do have strong views and opinions so if you’re offended easily, I suggest not risking it)

Some political parties extremely simplified;

Labour: Want to keep medical, educational and other public services available for everybody and owned by the government. This means changing the rates of tax depending on what money you earn, making our country more equal and fair. Respect should be promoted in communities and the Britain should take a leading role in the EU.

Conservative: Would like to reduce tax, and let public services be privately owned therefore meaning paying for medical services as well as others and more for education.Strict punishment for criminals to reduce crime and the UK should have very little involvement or interference for the EU.

LIb Dems: Somewhere between Conservative and Labour. They would like a society with personal freedom, equality for everyone and strong communities with free education and healthcare, whilst encouraging businesses to grow but not interfere. They want a new effective transport system to reduce pollution, to deal with causes of crime not just the effects, and for the people to decide how much involvement Britain has with Europe.

I know that stuff is SUPER boring(hence why I gave up on doing UKIP, the Green party and SNP), but the outcome of this election- the first one I’ve properly understood…- is now what I have to live with until I’m a legal adult. Thank God I’ll be able to vote by then, because I can’t say that David Cameron is exactly my role model…

It’d be exaggerating to say I’m distraught with the Conservatives gaining power over Britain, but it is pretty annoying. The thing is, I can’t exactly say much has changed while David Cameron has been PM since the 2011 election- except for lots of cuts. I’ve already explained how I don’t want my blog to make you feel sorry for me (see To Tell The Truth), but I have to explain the effects I’ve experienced due to cuts on the NHS. Being inpatient myself, I can completely confirm that the NHS NEEDS MORE STAFF. MORE FUNDING. MORE SUPPORT. Because of staff reduction, I certainly haven’t had a load of communication with my CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service) community team. I haven’t even met my main worker and my discharge is in 18 days… (Oh yeah, MY DISCHARGE IS IN 18 DAYS BTW!!!!!)

Because of staff reduction, there have been times when we DO NOT have enough staff that things are extremely unsafe on the ward. Because of low funding, many staff are moving on to other services where they will have more pay. Because of low funding, hundreds of young people are stuck in general hospital right now, unsure of what will happen. When you’re too ill to go home but there are no inpatient beds free, you can spend months in hospital. I was there for 6 days and that was enough. And this isn’t even including thousands of other patients awaiting long term treatment not related to CAMHS.

EDUCATION is a complete other matter. I can’t believe that the idea of making people pay for all their education actually emerged in somebody’s head. The current people in education are the future of our country. Forget that- we’re the present. Only we know the pressures of school nowadays, the obsession with targets and grades, it’s just an exam factory. How are we supposed to deal with that whilst also worrying about the pressures on our parents to pay school fees? University fees are already ridiculous- And what if you can’t even afford to go to school?

What if you can’t afford to go to your local Doctor’s clinic for a small headache which turns out to be a brain tumor?

What if you can’t afford the cruel prices of private healthcare?

How could HOSPITALS and SCHOOLS be treated as BUSINESSES?

What sort of a selfish, deceiving, unequal society will we turn into if this goes ahead? It’s already bad enough.

Sooorry for the massive bias here, but it’s just the views of a girl growing up in this generation, and I feel it should be more important than it currently is. Enjoy the weekend,

Shmelted x


One thought on “Ranting about adults, politics& more

  1. Good, remember you were this angry, remember why, and educate your peers on why it’s important to vote as you’ll get to next time round.
    And in the mean time, do stuff, volunteer, get involved in your community and help stop people falling through the gaps. (I know you know these things 😉 )


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