Starting Off

Have you ever been planning to do something for so long, that it never feels like it will actually happen? Like when you book your holidays a year early and then you’re anticipating all year until you finally get on the plane (if you go on a plane, I guess), and it just DOESN’T seem real? That’s how I feel right this second, 3:53pm on a Friday afternoon. I’ve wanted to do this for sooooooooo long, I just haven’t had time. And by not having time, I mean I was way too busy being stressed or sorting things, orrr sometimes too busy colouring … . .. . …  .. . .   .

Anyway, life’s been a little bit upside down at the moment, and I’m not about to go into my life story – but, basically, I just need to WRITE!!! You know, offload, get it all out!! There’s just so much craziness in my head that these words could keep on flowing out of my finger tips for ages. If you happen to find any of my posts interesting, then that’s kinda cool because I’ll post at least weekly:)

Have a beautiful week,

                                         Shmelted x


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